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Governors, city planners, front-line people who have emergencies on their hands emerg (at) scrier.org
U.N., countries, leaders, Congress, governors, mayors, city planners, and other policy-makers and government officials gov (at) scrier.org
Hospitals, state comptrollers, and other officials reporting data/statistics or offers for same data (at) scrier.org
Newspapers, radio stations, blogs, other P.R. news (at) scrier.org
Economists, statisticians, researchers, A.I., computer scientists, CDC, NWS econ (at) scrier.org
Partnership and funding offers, consulting contracts, VCs, offers to purchase partner (at) scrier.org
I have a question or point that others might be interested in. question (at) scrier.org
I wish to reward you for helping my family Paypal thanks (at) scrier.org, or go to gofundme.com/f/scrier. Thank you so much!!
You guys are doing great! Fan mail, feedback, etc. great (at) scrier.org, although it's better to "pay it forward" and do something nice for someone else.
I have an idea for something you guys should do ideas (at) scrier.org


Serious inquires only. Please allow up to one week for reply. We are completely slammed, thanks for your understanding.
For True Emergencies, involving 10,000 lives++: text the director's office, at won for too for tree tree too too faive ate faive.


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