About SCRIER.org

The Space Coast Research Institute of Economic Reasoning is a small entrepreneurial think tank, based just outside Cape Canaveral, that uses Artificial Intelligence for understanding and explaining complex economic concepts. We do this so that ordinary people, policy-makers, and leaders will have the information they need to be able to make wise decisions for themselves.


Like Switzerland, we believe in being neutral, and not taking sides in the never-ending conflicts that must make up a real-life system. We're the announcers who observe and explain the plays from up in the grandstands. We salute the people who are down on the field, actually running the plays. It is a lot harder to do the real work than most people realize.


SCRIER is run with combined decades of talent, with experience from consulting for groups such as SRI International, NASA JPL, NASA Ames, Sprint Telephone, ATR Interpreting Telephone, the Philippines National Irrigation Project, Virginia Commonweath University, etc. We specialize in applied A.I., expert systems, simulations, signal processing, global macro economics, business consulting, graphic presentations, and policy analysis. A wide range of general knowledge presents opportunities for cross-fertilization of concepts, yielding results that may be better than silo'd knowledge.


With a recent emphasis on the calling to help ordinary people around the world understand and combat the COVID-19 virus, we are giving up the normal income streams that keep analysts funded and the doors open, and experimenting with a new model of crowd-funding in return for helping humanity. We'll see how well it goes.


If you find this information useful and enjoy saving lives, please reward our work with what you think is fair, at gofundme.com/f/scrier. If everyone who read this gave us even the cost of a cup of coffee, we'd be able to fund the company for a whole year. Thanks very much for your kindness, it's much appreciated.